Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm entering another giveaway!

Giveaway at:

1: Do you write?  If so, what sort of things do you write {poetry, short stories, novels, whatever!} I write songs, and right now I'm writing a novel :D:D

2: What are your five favourite movies? Tangled, The Incredibles, How to train your dragon, pride and prejudice, and all the high school musical movies.

3: Five favourite music artists/bands? Taylor Swift, Owl City, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, and Evanescene

4: is there a song that you could just listen to over and over again without getting tired of it? What is it? I have a couple: Vanilla Twilight by Owl City, fireflies by owl city, blow by Kesha, and puppet by thousand foot krutch

5: If you could meet one blogger {that you haven't already met!} who would it be? I don't anyone I guess :P

6: Who inspires you? my friends, family, and teachers

7: What are your favourite things about summer? swimming! and wearing cute clothes! Oh and just being able to do NOTHING is awesome haha :D:D

8: What is your favourite season? I like August to October, so around the end of summer to fall

9: If you could chose a different day for your birthday, what would it be? I LOVE my birthday!

10: Your three favourite bloggers? Aw come on! I like all of them!

11: If you could change your name, what would it be? hmmmmm... maybe a really cool name like Rin, Aika, or Konata :P I like my name though :P:P

12: If you could go back and change something about your past, would you? YES! lots of things! (it'd take forEVER to list them all though)

13: Coke or Sprite? EWW soda...(I only like root beer) but if I had to choose one, it'd be Sprite
14: Do you play an instrument?  If so, what?  And if you don't, do you wish you could? Yup! I play the Piano! and I want to play violin, cello, or flute :D

15: Are you a city girl [or guy] or country gal? mehhhh, not country, not city. Right in between :)

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