Monday, August 8, 2011

Answer to my 2nd question:

When did you first become inspired to begin drawing and why?

Well when I was around 9, I fell in love with some girly cartoon, and I wanted to learn how to draw the characters.
So my BFF and I started learning how to draw them :D
Of course, at first I wasn't very good O.O My best friend was much better than me. She inspired me to practice more.
Eventually, I got pretty good at drawing the characters (they were fairies).
But I outgrew the cartoon when I was about 11 years old.
So when I was 12, I didn't draw much. I just drew random people.(they were all facing the same direction! I couldn't draw different angles)
But ever since I found out about Fruits Basket, I've wanted to draw Anime.
I started drawing Chibi's (miniature anime characters) and fantasy characters.
Now I draw a couple different styles of Anime. (ill have to post pics)

I also like to sketch nature and whatnot :)


Mikailah said...

I have been drawing since I was about 6-7... I love, LOVE drawing horses. That is what I draw the most of, but I also draw people, and other animals, and I love drawing nature, and landscapes. (the landscape usually has horses too..) :)

Right now I am mostly working more and more on shading.. that is soo hard! :)


Selina said...

Was it Winx Club???
Have you watched fruit baskets? It has the best and most hysterical faces in the shows! I need to read the manga!
Some really good anime movies are made by Hayao Miyazaki, and I'm getting to start watching his son's movies!

Monica said...

Mikailah: Wow! That's really cool! I bet you're REALLY good at drawing horses, I can't draw them for beans LOL! I've tried, but I epically failed :/

Selina: Yea! That's what it was! And YES I LOVE FRUITS BASKET! Iv'e read all the manga and watched the anime. It's my FAVORITE anime!

Anna Katherine said...

Hi Monica, a few weeks ago you won some purse earrings made by me at Arianna's blog. I thought that I had mailed them to you, but then I saw them at my house and I was like "What? I thought I mailed those!" Anyways, could you email me at and tell me whether or no you ever got them, because the ones at my house, could be different ones..