Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thinking of a new design...

...for my blog!
Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe suggestions on a place I could get a free design?


Bree said...

I replied to your comment!
Check out this site-

Qui said...

Hmm, I'm kinda bored and I'm determined to keep a design on my blog for more than 2 weeks. Sooo, I'd design it for you. It would be done by tonight. xD
You have to give me pretty much free reign though. You can pick the colors, but that's pretty much it. (However, if you don't like it, I will do it over again.)

You can email me at vlikeshugs[at]gmail[dot]com

Madame Wildflower said...

My blog friend does excellent blog designs, but I'm not sure if she's still doing them for free. You can visit her blog and ask her about it.

P.S. As for what your blog needs, it just needs you to be yourself. :)