Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas time is here...

...except there's still no snow! O.o

I'm super excited for Christmas! We're going to my Gramma's house :)

What's everyone doing? ;D
~Monica <3


Miss Emily K. said...

I know! i'm so mad that there isn't any snow :) i woke up to is snowing today, but it's stopped and we're only supposed to get a half inch (if that) for the whole day :P

I can't wait for Christmas.... we go to Christmas Eve service then we usually go to my Grandma's house for a little while so she can give us the presents she has for us, and we can give her the ones we have for her, then come home and -try- go to sleep, and then we wake up (it gets later as the years go by) read the Christmas story out of the Bible, and open presents! then later, we experiment with our new things, and eat some of our special foods :)

Monica (monsmons) said...

@ Miss Emily K.
I know right! yeah, we got a little bit of snow, but it didn't stay on the ground or anything :/

And that sounds like a lot of fun! :D I love Christmas :)