Saturday, December 31, 2011

The end of 2011

2011, for me, was a veryyyyy crummy/exciting year. Mostly crummy, but I wont go into that.
There were lots of good things, but there were lotsa bad things too.

- Went through my first break-up
- Went through depression multiple times
- slacked in school
- got a reaaallllly bad haircut in September-October...
- a lottt of crap I don't want to talk about...

Good things!
- went to a public school for the first time in my life :)
- had a wonderful Christmas, possibly the best yet :)
- Finally found more than one anime series to watch, and more manga to read
- Got to help out with a camp this summer
- did lights for a play by myself :)
- started this blog! DER! xD

These are things I wanna do in 2012:
- get a Nikon D5100
- take drivers ed
- dye my hair
- get a Facebook
- start doing another sport
- start a manga series
- start a band
- join an orchestra
- be in a musical
- get a job
- become a student director

Well, here's to 2011! It had it's ups and downs.

Welcome 2012 :) please don't end the world yet ;D

Happy New Year everyone!

-Monica <333


Jedidja said...

Dear Monica,

I wish you a Happy New Year! I
like it to read your blog. Your stuff. I guess because I have daughters your age. If you fear for the future - for 2012: Pray! Jesus will lead you ... Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, for ever.

I wish you a Happy New Year!
I hope you get your Nikon D5100!

Dag/ greetings.

maura said...

Hi! I just found your blot, and I love it! I hope you accomplish everything you want to do in 2012, Happy New Year!

Monica (monsmons) said...

@maura and Jedidja:
Thanks, happy new year to you too :D