Friday, December 9, 2011

So, um...

...I haven't blogged in a while...bleh...sorry...:(

...and today...
I took a science test and got a failing grade.

Nearly had a heart attack.

My mom almost did too.

Dad got really pissed.

And all this time I really thought I didn't care about my grades.
guess I do...

My dad actually threatened to pull me outta theater and art at school.

holy crap

I almost died. again.

So now I'm here, typing this up, with headphones in my ears, music blaring.

I'm soooo seriously depressed.

as if it couldn't get any worse

And now I'm acting pathetic.

Quite honestly, this sucks.

so now, im actually finishing up this post.

grabbing a snack.
and doing my work.
O_O shocking

its like things were just starting to get better, and then my life is like: uh oh, its getting better for her. lets throw something in there to make her even more miserable.

:( </3


Selina said...

Aww! I'm sorry! Hang in there girly! If ya need to talk, you can always email me. What science are you doing? We could maybe study together. :) Lemme know.

Selina said...
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Taylor said...

Honestly, I am in the same boat! Ahh don't you just love school? I actually got a bad score on my chemistry test and got in huge trouble! My parents threatened me that if I didn't get good grades I can do cross country or dance. It will all be okay(: