Monday, January 2, 2012

My complete "to do in 2012" list

So for 2012 this is my complete list :)

- get a Nikon D5100
- have 100 blog followers
- get a band started
- join an orchestra
- get a job
- take Drivers Ed
- go back to the academy :']
- become a student director
- re-design my room
- lose weight xDD
- start doing another sport
- look good in a bathing suit :D
- learn how to play Liebestraum on piano
- start my own Manga series
- dye my hair
- go on a HUGE (and successful) shopping spree
- buy some decent makeup that actually covers up stuff
- have a summer pool party
- teach piano to someone
- be in a musical
- get a Facebook
- learn to play the violin, cello, electric guitar, and drums
- get my parents a huge gift
- learn Karate or some other form of Marital Arts
- buy Copic Markers
- be in a commercial, tv show, or movie :)

I can't believe 2011 went by that fast. Like I said in an earlier post, it had its ups and downs.

But it was, altogether, a year of change.

Looking back on the past 14 (almost 15!) years I've lived, some of the things that really have stuck out in my mind are:

-in 2002 (whoa) when my sister and I got our first kids calender and lost the "2002" year magnet. (don't ask why I remember that...xD)

- April 2004, we got our first dog, named Ubu.

-2004, My FAVORITE MOVIE came out :) (The Incredibles xD)

- October 2007 was the first year we ever went trick-or-treating since I was 5. (again, I don't know why I remember that...xD)

- February 2007 my great-grandma passed away :'(

-in December 2008 we had to get rid of Ubu. :'(

-in September 2009 I started acting at the Academy :D

-December 2009 we got a Wii for Christmas

- February 2009 I had a huge Birthday party

- July 2010 I got my first boyfriend xDD

- October 2010 I got my first electronic, hand-held device, an iPod touch. My sister and I share it :)

- June 2010 we performed a play under a Gazebo

-2010, Taylor Swift filmed her music video in Maine :DDD

-October 2010 I got the lead role of Clara in the Musical Nutcracker

-April 2011, I quit Gymnastics :/

-July 2011 I performed in my last play at the academy :'(

- July 2011 I went through my first breakup </3

-September 2011, I went to a public school for the first time in my life :)

-November 2011 I went to Journey

-November 2011 we got a baby grand piano

So far, 2010 was the best year ever :))

I'm sure that was kinda boring to read, if you made it this far, I love you :D

'Sall 4 now,

~Monica <3<3<3

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The Mysterious D said...

Haha I wish I could remember stuff as well as you do.
I can barely remember anything from as far back as 2004.