Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sick of everything

I don't know what's wrong with me...I've been really moody lately.
It was really weird; we were at my Nanas house the other day, and one time at dinner, I randomly got this weird feeling. I had to excuse myself and I went upstairs. I started crying...I don't know why... I did some meditation and relaxation techniques to calm down, but it didn't work too well...
I've been feeling depressed all weekend. :/ ugh. I don't know
And to add to it, I have to study for exams...and contact my buddy for our scenes in theater...( actually I did contact her, she never got back to me, and this thing is due Friday...) my parents are mad, I have stupid Theology homework, (and it's on CONFESSION and sinning for Petes sake, not really a fun thing to read about right now...or at all.Wanna see what i have to write about?:O How should one confess a mortal sin?  What should one have in his soul after a mortal sin has been confessed? What are the two kinds of venial faults?  How should one confess the sin of distraction in prayer? ...*cringe*.. POOP liasjlskdjaskldklasjdldjlsj UGH)
  my life sucks right now. :/ I don't know what's wrong with me... It can't be love, I don't even know anyone...sheesh...I'm not sick, I'm just tired and angry. With everything. :(
Stupid teen years. stupid school. STUPID LIFE.

That all probably didn't make any sense... Like whatsoever. Ugh but I just need to vent...:/

I'm an emotional trainwreck
that didnt make sense


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Bree said...

Hey girl! I tagged you on my blog! (: