Monday, February 27, 2012

We had a nice weekend :)

So this weekend, my sister had a gymnastics meet :) We went down to my Nana's the day before, cause the meet was in that general area and we stayed at her house :)
And also, since it was my birthday, all the relatives came down and we celebrated :D It was really nice, and who knows if anyone was able to tell (cause I always have this "emotionless" facial expression...) but I really enjoyed it :P
My uncle is lending me his electric guitar :) I have noooooo idea how to play guitar, BUT I WILL LEARN! Hehehe :) He told me to give it back when I'm famous. :P

I really do want to start a band, but things like that don't usually work out...for me anyway... but we'll see :P

So yeah... xD
On our way home, we were going to stop at a restaurant. We ended up stopping at Wendy's cause the dishes were way too expensive at the first place we looked at...(not paying $20 bucks a dish thankyouverymuch.)
So here comes the funny part... we all ordered right? And so my sister and my dad kinda ordered the same things, but my dads was spicy. WELL my mom switched them by accident...and yeah...

Soooo my dad ended up eating all my sisters sandwich before she noticed... IT WAS ALL AN ACCIDENTTTTTT Oi.
and then we stopped at dunkin donuts to get her another sandwich...
and she wanted her sandwich on a plain bagel...

The lady at the drive through pretty much didn't even let dad finish saying plain bagel...she was like: we don't have any plain bagels.

wait for it...
all of us at the same time: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (seriously, we all started laughing...)

So then we stopped at ANOTHER dunkin donuts after travelling across the windy desert...battled some ugly purple guys hopping out of a UFO...(just kiddinggggg)

OH yeah... We had to go across "ye old rickety bridge"
which isnt really pleasant for me...
its a bridge that's just really old and rusty........ i hate rust...
lol and we just call it that...cause it's old xD

But yeah...
and this concludes my beautiful story. :) *kyo yells: YOU MEAN STUPID!* (probably wont get that unless you've watched fruits basket... xD)

ANYWAY school vacation is now over... and i dontttttttt want to go back to school... :/

well i guess ill be going...

Imma listen to *swoooonnn* KHR music :)

~Monica <3

Monday, February 20, 2012

...well then...

I haven't blogged in a while... AGAIN!
I didn't forget... I just haven't really thought up a post... :/


Well... I still don't know what to post about, but I feel I need to

yeah :D

Lets see. This week is vacation for school :D Well, public school anyway. The rest of my classes are still on... :ooo oh well xDD

We're doing pottery in art, and monologues (still) in theater :) We'll see what my bowl looks like when vacation is over... :o
We performed our first monologues in theater just before break, I think we all did much better than I had expected. :) yeah... especially me, (not to sound self-centered or anything) I was having trouble memorizing my monologue, AND the day we were performing, I got sick! It soooooo figures. But anyway, I only had a stuffy nose and scratchy throat, and I was starting to loose my voice, BUT I actually pulled it off. :) Didn't forget any of my lines, (well I switched two around, oops ^o^) and did some on-the-spot blocking I hadn't thought of doing :) so yeah :)

Ahhh anyway. :P

Ya know what's been annoying me lately? Pop music! ARGH it's! I still like a few songs, but really, last year and this year they had some AWFUL songs... No offense to anyone who likes them...
I mean really, is *cough*sex*cough* all they can sing about?! SERIOUSLY! GET A CLUE, YOU DONT NEED THAT TO BE HAPPY, GOSH!
*calms self*
People just don't get it sometimes, you can sing about something besides is fine to sing about, but is *that stuff* really necessary? Oi. Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi OI!
I don't mind some of the pop music out there, but like, Katy Perry, Pitbull...? Ewiee.

Oh well... :/
I've developed better taste in music. :P YES I LIKE VIDEOGAME SOUNDTRACK. and yes I like Alternative and Rock. And Classical. Electronic, everything besides country and most pop! :P Me splecial :P

Well, I'm done rambling and being all judgmental and stupid.


My mom is getting on my case about my bad grades and being behind in school. Gots to go :P

~Monica  <333

oh looks like i did have something to post about... sorta...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi everyone! Happy St. Valentines Day! :DD

Love u guys! :) <333

sorry for such a short post, but there will be more soon :)

~Monica <333

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles to Reach Goals in Life

Overcoming Obstacles to Reach Goals in Life
Most people have a bucket list of things they wish to accomplish in life. These lists often include a variety of aspirations ranging from "big," like buying a house, traveling the world, or running in a marathon, to "small" things, like making a quilt or learning to speak another language. Regardless of what kind of goals and dreams you have, it's important to have them to give yourself motivation and something to work toward every day.
An important step in achieving personal goals is to actually write them down. Putting your dreams on paper gives one tangible reminders of what you hope to accomplish. When you need motivation or an extra boost to take the next step, you can look at your list of goals to remind yourself of where you are and where you're going. This may mean making a list in a journal and referring back to it when you need motivation, or visibly posting notices at your desk or somewhere in your home where you'll see them every day. These methods can give you the drive you need while still keeping your goals and dreams private.
Another option is to share your journey toward your goals more publicly by writing it in a blog. This can give added support and motivation from readers and can help keep you accountable to your goals since others will be following the blog and encouraging you along the way. A blog can also put you in contact with others going through similar situations to yours, and you can encourage each other to accomplish your goals.
When facing any kind of life challenge, particularly medical or physical obstacles, focusing on your quality of life can make a big difference. The goals and aspirations you work toward can help you focus on your quality of life outside of your challenges and obstacles.
Challenges encountered throughout life do not have to keep you from achieving your goals. Instead, you can use your goals and dreams to motivate yourself to work through your challenges. From chronic illnesses, such as lupus, or mesothelioma cancer, the challenges one may face can be used as a sense of motivation to take control of your life and accomplish all you have set out for yourself to do, despite stated prognosis. However, in dealing with any illness or disease, your quality of life and setting goals is important to help keep one motivated and seek personal, physical and mental success.

This is a guest post written byMelanie Bowen.

Monday, February 6, 2012

and this is where i apologize...

...for not blogging in *1...2...3...4...* 16 DAYS!
Ugh I'm bad at keeping this up... I have nothing interesting to post about... XD
WELP, anyway...

My birthday is tomorrow! :DD February 7th! Turning 15! :PP
I really don't know if I'm going to do a big post for that, but we'll see :)

Next, THE SUPER BOWL! :) I was rooting for the Patriots, but....oh well... LOL xD
And the half-time show? bleh. I'm sorry, but I didn't like it :/ Honestly, I think Madonna needed some dancing lessons. The only thing I liked was...her boots xD


Soooooo besides all that, I really haven't been doing anything exciting...except playing Super Smash Bros Brawl...and school...(but school isn't exciting...). My sister and I almost completed the "great maze" in Subspace Emissary :) We're on the last boss, SO EXCITING :DDDD aaaaaaaaandddd i bet unless you play SSB, you have noooo idea what I'm talking about xD
I downloaded more music from the videogame too...mwahahaha :) I love the music :)

Now I'll leave you with this AWESOME video, which will probably knock you off your chair, even if you've never seen Katekyo Hitman Reborn. :P BTW the song is called "This is War" by 30 seconds to Mars. I've heard the song before, but I never really liked Alternative music when I did hear it. BUT NOW I DO, and as soon as I saw this video, I BOUGHT THE SONG. :D this song + epic scenes from Reborn = BUH-BOOM! *fan-girl sqeal*  I LOVE KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD

anyway, ENOUGH FAN-GIRLING, here it is :D

And if you've never seen Katekyo Hitman Reborn, this movie is enough to make you wanna watch it I'm sure :P Unless you don't like anime :p

*fan-girl SCREAM!*

Well...that's enough of that...:)

I'm off to school again today, we have monolouges in theater class, and watercolor in art :p
Until next time!

Love, Monica <333