Saturday, February 11, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles to Reach Goals in Life

Overcoming Obstacles to Reach Goals in Life
Most people have a bucket list of things they wish to accomplish in life. These lists often include a variety of aspirations ranging from "big," like buying a house, traveling the world, or running in a marathon, to "small" things, like making a quilt or learning to speak another language. Regardless of what kind of goals and dreams you have, it's important to have them to give yourself motivation and something to work toward every day.
An important step in achieving personal goals is to actually write them down. Putting your dreams on paper gives one tangible reminders of what you hope to accomplish. When you need motivation or an extra boost to take the next step, you can look at your list of goals to remind yourself of where you are and where you're going. This may mean making a list in a journal and referring back to it when you need motivation, or visibly posting notices at your desk or somewhere in your home where you'll see them every day. These methods can give you the drive you need while still keeping your goals and dreams private.
Another option is to share your journey toward your goals more publicly by writing it in a blog. This can give added support and motivation from readers and can help keep you accountable to your goals since others will be following the blog and encouraging you along the way. A blog can also put you in contact with others going through similar situations to yours, and you can encourage each other to accomplish your goals.
When facing any kind of life challenge, particularly medical or physical obstacles, focusing on your quality of life can make a big difference. The goals and aspirations you work toward can help you focus on your quality of life outside of your challenges and obstacles.
Challenges encountered throughout life do not have to keep you from achieving your goals. Instead, you can use your goals and dreams to motivate yourself to work through your challenges. From chronic illnesses, such as lupus, or mesothelioma cancer, the challenges one may face can be used as a sense of motivation to take control of your life and accomplish all you have set out for yourself to do, despite stated prognosis. However, in dealing with any illness or disease, your quality of life and setting goals is important to help keep one motivated and seek personal, physical and mental success.

This is a guest post written byMelanie Bowen.

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