Monday, February 27, 2012

We had a nice weekend :)

So this weekend, my sister had a gymnastics meet :) We went down to my Nana's the day before, cause the meet was in that general area and we stayed at her house :)
And also, since it was my birthday, all the relatives came down and we celebrated :D It was really nice, and who knows if anyone was able to tell (cause I always have this "emotionless" facial expression...) but I really enjoyed it :P
My uncle is lending me his electric guitar :) I have noooooo idea how to play guitar, BUT I WILL LEARN! Hehehe :) He told me to give it back when I'm famous. :P

I really do want to start a band, but things like that don't usually work out...for me anyway... but we'll see :P

So yeah... xD
On our way home, we were going to stop at a restaurant. We ended up stopping at Wendy's cause the dishes were way too expensive at the first place we looked at...(not paying $20 bucks a dish thankyouverymuch.)
So here comes the funny part... we all ordered right? And so my sister and my dad kinda ordered the same things, but my dads was spicy. WELL my mom switched them by accident...and yeah...

Soooo my dad ended up eating all my sisters sandwich before she noticed... IT WAS ALL AN ACCIDENTTTTTT Oi.
and then we stopped at dunkin donuts to get her another sandwich...
and she wanted her sandwich on a plain bagel...

The lady at the drive through pretty much didn't even let dad finish saying plain bagel...she was like: we don't have any plain bagels.

wait for it...
all of us at the same time: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (seriously, we all started laughing...)

So then we stopped at ANOTHER dunkin donuts after travelling across the windy desert...battled some ugly purple guys hopping out of a UFO...(just kiddinggggg)

OH yeah... We had to go across "ye old rickety bridge"
which isnt really pleasant for me...
its a bridge that's just really old and rusty........ i hate rust...
lol and we just call it that...cause it's old xD

But yeah...
and this concludes my beautiful story. :) *kyo yells: YOU MEAN STUPID!* (probably wont get that unless you've watched fruits basket... xD)

ANYWAY school vacation is now over... and i dontttttttt want to go back to school... :/

well i guess ill be going...

Imma listen to *swoooonnn* KHR music :)

~Monica <3

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