Monday, February 20, 2012

...well then...

I haven't blogged in a while... AGAIN!
I didn't forget... I just haven't really thought up a post... :/


Well... I still don't know what to post about, but I feel I need to

yeah :D

Lets see. This week is vacation for school :D Well, public school anyway. The rest of my classes are still on... :ooo oh well xDD

We're doing pottery in art, and monologues (still) in theater :) We'll see what my bowl looks like when vacation is over... :o
We performed our first monologues in theater just before break, I think we all did much better than I had expected. :) yeah... especially me, (not to sound self-centered or anything) I was having trouble memorizing my monologue, AND the day we were performing, I got sick! It soooooo figures. But anyway, I only had a stuffy nose and scratchy throat, and I was starting to loose my voice, BUT I actually pulled it off. :) Didn't forget any of my lines, (well I switched two around, oops ^o^) and did some on-the-spot blocking I hadn't thought of doing :) so yeah :)

Ahhh anyway. :P

Ya know what's been annoying me lately? Pop music! ARGH it's! I still like a few songs, but really, last year and this year they had some AWFUL songs... No offense to anyone who likes them...
I mean really, is *cough*sex*cough* all they can sing about?! SERIOUSLY! GET A CLUE, YOU DONT NEED THAT TO BE HAPPY, GOSH!
*calms self*
People just don't get it sometimes, you can sing about something besides is fine to sing about, but is *that stuff* really necessary? Oi. Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi OI!
I don't mind some of the pop music out there, but like, Katy Perry, Pitbull...? Ewiee.

Oh well... :/
I've developed better taste in music. :P YES I LIKE VIDEOGAME SOUNDTRACK. and yes I like Alternative and Rock. And Classical. Electronic, everything besides country and most pop! :P Me splecial :P

Well, I'm done rambling and being all judgmental and stupid.


My mom is getting on my case about my bad grades and being behind in school. Gots to go :P

~Monica  <333

oh looks like i did have something to post about... sorta...


Selina said...

I was wondering when you were going to post! :)
HEY! We have the same taste in the music world! We both dislike county, (although I do think Taylor Swift is an awesome role model.) and I barley listen to pop or radio music.

It's not just music that talks about "that stuff" but all the tv shows have it as well as movies, and I'm pretty sure the young adult bestselling books have the same thing. It -kinda- sucks!

Hahaha! Aren't all Moms like that?
I've got two tests this week...which I should go study for now... bye.

Selina said...


Monica (monsmons) said...


i emailed you, but if you didnt get the email, you can watch katekyo hitman reborn on crunchyroll or hulu :)