Monday, June 4, 2012


welp, I'm sick.
It started out as being dehydrated...then I got a sore throat yesterday (possibly turning into strep) and I slept the whole day...THEN I thought I had to go to school today, which I actually don't cause they flipped the blue and white day schedule around...AND we have our theater final. Which I thought was today, so I totally freaked out...I can barely talk... Lol and I have a science final to take today...

hauuuuuughhhhhhh *passes out* x.x


At least the weather was okay...a couple days ago... now it's been raining for two days....BUT before that we had some nice sunny weather, and we set up our pool and went swimming :D

Soooooo recently all I've really been doing is playing videogames, school, laughing hysterically at funny tumblr posts, swimming, watching reborn, aaaaand sleeping -.-

I guess I should probably get off and do some more *moan* school...or videogames...we'll see which ;D heh heh
Hah just kidding, I have to study for biology so I really should do that xD

ciao ciao :)

~Monica <3

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Selina said...

Aww! good luck on your test, and get better!!! You should draw. xD