Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer, do us all a favor

And please please please slow down! :O

It's already July. This is soo insane, summer is going by too fast :(


2 more months and then it's back to school. Noooooooo! (T^T)



Ah anyway,

So for some reason, I got a cough...? Like it's a yucky thing. Along with clogged ears. I'm not sick...I don't think...I wouldn't call it sickness...but yeahhh very peculiar xD I don't get sick (?) in the summer...ah well, it'll pass :) but gosh...I've been so out of it the past 3 days, especially last night and this morning :/ i went to get a drink downstairs this morning, and I knocked over a glass...broke it...I barely knew what I was doing o.O I can hardly walk...I can't hear either xD I feel extremely weak today :/ BUT IM A NINJA AND NINJAS CAN'T BE WEAK WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS :O


On the bright side! This coming week, (or this week...? EH?!) we're going to my grandmas house, then the week after, we're going camping! DAH I've never been camping before O.o it'll be fun though :) yay :D

I got my Copics recently too, so I can FINALLY finish some pictures xD :)

Well, that's all for now, I honestly don't know when I'll be posting again, hopefully with some pictures next time though :)

~Monica <3

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