Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random Summer Challenge thingy :p

This Summer:

Reading: Harry Potter, Rurouni Kenshin, Amelia Earhart

Eating: I don't remember everything I ate this summer...gee...mostly fruits and junk chips and cookies...heehee ;) I sure snacked a lot come to think of it...

Websites: Tumblr yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh buddy!

Movies: Narnia, MULAN :D:D and I saw Spirited Away for the first time :)

T.V. Shows: The Olympics..? and does anime count? x)


Places: Camping...the beach...a couple friends' houses :)

Music: Evanescence, Bullet For My Valentine, Five Finger Death Punch, Owl City,  Within Temptation, SUPER SMASH BROS, ZELDA, and more zelda :P

Obsessing over: zelda. duh. what else. final fantasy. duh what else.
Drawing: zelda. duh. WHAT ELSE. and working on some characters and fan art pictures.

Marathons? A movie marathon with different movies...wanted to do a harry potter one, but that's ok too :)

Exercise: heh...I swam a little...heh...

Hung out with: Some friends

Something new I learned: How to get addicted to tumblr. :P and that I need a job.

Looking forward to: getting a job and some moneyyy and more videogames

Not looking forward to: school. drama. mornings. people...reality.

re-obessing over previous obessions: INUYASHAAAAAA im watching the anime with my sister, I REMEMBER READING IT AND OMG ALL THE FEELINGS ALL THE FEELINGS AHHHHH AND SESSHOMARU AHHHH *gross sobs*

All together, I mostly cried, fangirled, ate, slept, and played videogames.
And it was awesome. ;)

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The Mysterious D said...

Sounds awesome XD